Use Marvelous Designer to Create a Chef’s Hat for Maya

Alex Cheparev’s Latest Tutorial Shows How to Use Marvelous Designer to Create the Complex Folds of a Chef’s Hat for Maya.

Many DCC’s have cloth tools for creating clothes for characters, cloth simulations and more. Still, you can’t beat dedicated apps that are built simply for that purpose. One such application is Marvelous Designer, a low-cost and completely capable tool for making 3D clothes through simulation. Watch this short 30-minute tutorial from modeler Alex Cheparev, who shows how you can create the complex series of folds in a chef hat using both Maya and Marvelous Designer.

M-Designer is a great addition to your toolset by letting you create elements quickly. From complex clothes for characters to simply draping fabric in an architectural interior scene. Marvelous is fairly straightforward to pick up and use, with monthly subscriptions and annual subscriptions that won’t break the bank — Even more-so now that there is currently a sale.