5 Lines of Python Every C4D User Should Know

Alpha Pixel helps us get started with coding in C4D with 5 lines of Python code that everyone should know.

Python is the language of choice for a lot of technical artists, especially in 3D. The thing is, you don’t need to be an expert to work with python. Alpha Pixel’s AJ Haines shows just a few simple lines of code that everyone can find immediately useful. AJ is creating a whole series of beginner python tutorials for C4D, and the first tone explains 5 Lines of Python every C4D user should know how to use.

Most artists find coding intimidating, and most of the beginner style tutorials consider this. AJ notes, “Breaking that initial code barrier is one of the hardest things — So I hope that this video shows you that you don’t have to write 100s of lines of code to make something work.” Haines also offers a handy C4D Python Cheat Sheet that you can download from Alpha Pixel here.

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