QuickCollider for Maya Creates Collider Objects from a Selection

Martin Baadsgaard’s Maya script is a toolbox for creating simple colliders from selections, speeding up workflows.

Modeling for rendering is different than modeling for animation which also is different from modeling for game engines. Creating simulations and collider objects using high-resolution geometry isn’t wise at the best of times. It’s why the dynamics, simulation and game-engine collider workflows often involve creating lower polygon versions of scene geometry. That could take some time. Now you can generate collider objects pretty much instantly with Martin Baadsgaard’s Maya script QuickCollider.

QuickCollider is a toolbox that helps to create simple collider objects from any selection. The script works for all newer versions of Maya and uses the DDConvexHull plugin which comes with the download. “The interface is minimal and only contains the buttons and small text fields for prefixes of the created colliders,” Baadsgaard says.

Check out QuickCollider 1.0.0 for Maya here.

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