How to Create Procedural Grass Clumps in Houdini for Unity

Indie-Pixel posts a series that looks into how to create a grass clump asset and scattering system using Houdini and Houdini Engine for Unity.

Indie-Pixel posts a lot of game-making tutorials that involve working with SideFX Houdini and Unity. His latest has a look into how to create a procedural grass clump complete with scattering system for the Unity Game engine by way of the Houdini Engine. Perfect for populating game terrains.

The tutorial covers how to create a single blade of grass as a card, and then expands that into grass clumps. The clumps then become an asset, complete with a scattering system that you can use inside of a game engine like Unity. “You will get a full end to end workflow for creating procedural grass clumps and a scattering system,” Indie-Pixel says about the tutorial.