How to Inflate Bubbles on a Surface With Houdini

Tim van Helsdingen has a look at creating an effect where bubbles inflate from a surface.

Inflating an object in 3D can take on many forms, but likely it will involve some dynamics or deformation. Yet, creating a surface full of inflating bubbles is a different beast. When bubbles occupy tight spaces, they pack together in a Voronoi type configuration. That pattern is the foundation that starts off Tim van Helsdingen’s latest tutorial that shows how to inflate bubbles from a surface in Houdini.

Along with the tutorial is an announcement that Tim hs a new patreon channel too. “Also wanted to take this opportunity to promote the patreon account that I just made, this is where you can find a collection of all my tutorials from now on,” Tim mentions. It’s also where you can download the HIP file for this project (as a $5+ backer)”