The Animation Workshop: Animals

Animals is an absurdist contemporary short film about the transformation of nine people stuck in a moving metro. What seems to be a normal day quickly takes a strange turn, when the metro doors refuse to open. The passengers’ failed attempts to get out, descend into frustrated chaos. Losing all sense of rationality, they go wild in order to ensure their own survival.


Tue Sangaard – Director / Editor / Story –

Maya Mckibbin – Art Director / CG Artist –

Viljam Smed – Technical Director / Story Development –

Elisabeth Vahle Janerka – Animation Lead / Previs Artist –

Charly K. Mårtensson – Production Manager –

William Fullager – Compositing Lead / CG Artist –

Lasse Brændgaard – Modeling Lead / Rigging Lead –

Jasmin Christoffersen – Animator –

Kristina Silkjær – Animator –

Lamberto Anderloni – Animator / Storyboard / Visual Development –

Anne Flarup Thomsen – Animator / Visual Development –

Kathrine Amine Andersen – CG Artist –

Jana Ribkina – Visual Development –

Erlend Hjortland Sandøy – Story Consultant / Storyboard –

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