Tony Grillo has a look at working with bitmap assets using bone deformers in ToonBoom Harmony.

We’ve all seen After Effects puppet pins and pseudo bone and rigging solutions in Adobe After Effects. For the most part, they are fine, but I can’t help but wonder how people manage with how slow everything is to evaluate. It’s interesting to see how other applications handle the task. Have a look at Tony Grillo’s look into creating a walk cycle with ToonBoom Harmony. Tony uses bitmapped assets rigging them with Bone Deformers.

The video is the third part of a tutorial series that walks through “Working with Bitmaps.”

Part Three of the Toon Boom Harmony “Working with Bitmaps” series shows you how to quickly create a walk cycle from a handful of simple drawings using bone deformers, featuring the illustrations of Jorge Martin, from the children’s book Little Taco Truck by Tanya Valentine. Part one shows how to prepare layered Adobe Photoshop files for import into ToonBoom, while part two shows how to rig using the bone deformers.