CGMA’s Hard Surface Modeling for Films with Jay Machado

Hard Surface Modeling for Films with Jay Machado

There is only 2 weeks left to register for the 2019 Spring term at CGMA! CGMA has been providing accessible and affordable online arts education for almost a decade. Master artists in the Art, Games, and VFX industries have been recruited by the academy to lead their 6 – 10 week courses. This is the last week split payment plans are available, as courses are starting soon. Students enrolled in the following courses will have the opportunity to receive one-on-one feedback and guidance from the industry’s best. Contact their Admissions Department to discuss registration or for portfolio review requests – either via email at [email protected] or by phone (800) – 959 – 0316.


This course covers the creation of VFX production assets of an inorganic nature. Lectures will cover creation of form, efficient manipulation of topology, the art of kitbashing, scene organization, texture preparation, light rigging techniques that will aid in the modeling process, and final rendering. Students will learn the process of efficiently creating high-quality hard surface models from concept to completion, and complete exercises that will give them the tools to overcome typical challenges faced by production artists.

Check out Hard Surface Modelling for Films here.

  • COURSE FORMAT:   Standard
  • LECTURE TYPE:   Pre-recorded
  • FEEDBACK:   Individual recordings
  • DURATION:   10 weeks
  • ASSIGNMENT:   Deadlines each week
  • Q&A:   Once a week
  • MATERIALS:   Maya (or equivalent) and ZBrush (or equivalent)
  • SKILLS LEVEL:   Intermediate
  • PREREQUISITES:   Knowledge of Maya and ZBrush is required

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