An Introduction to U-Render in C4D

Travis Davids provides an overview for working with U-Render – a real-time render engine For Cinema 4D.

C4D users are lucky when it comes to rendering engine support. there are plenty to choose from and some even include real-time viewport renderers. One of those is new on the block. It’s called U-Render and it offers high-quality real-time Rendering for Design, Animation, and Visualization for C4D Users. A new tutorial from Travis Davids offers a basic introduction to U-Render.

Davids looks at downloading, installing and working with U-Render in C4D R20. UPPERCUT visual technology launches a cost-effective early access version of their high-quality real-time viewport renderer for Cinema 4D U-Render. Recently U-Render graduated out fo the beta phase and into early access for customers.