How to Build Complete Texturing Kits With Designer and Painter

Brent Le Blanc adds to his look-dev guide showing how to create texturing kits: Custom controls in Substance Designer to pass to Painter.

Brent LeBlanc is a Materials Technical Director at Blue Sky Studios who has a Look Dev Guide series that dives into creating textures for film and game art using industry standard tools like Substance Designer and Substance Painter. His latest addition to the series shows how to create a desert rock, as part of a continuation of the desert scene series using homemade texturing kits.

The foundation of the tutorial, however, is a deep dive into Substance Designer to create custom controls that you can pass to Substance Painter. The goal is to create complex and complete texturing kits of filters. Be sure to have a look at the other tutorials posted in the Look-Dev Guide, by Brent Le Blanc here.