How to Use an OSL Fresnel Shader in Octane C4D

Silverwing shows how to use an OSL Fresnel Shader in Octane to create a clear coat reflection layer.

Previous to using an OSL Fresnel shader Raphael Rau (Silverwing) used a falloff map method to get a nice cleat-coat reflection layer in Cinema 4D using Octane. That is until he thought it might be better to write a custom OSL one. That is what this tutorial is about, how to use the OSL shader that offers more simplicity while giving you more control at the same time.

Rau walks through how to load and use the OSL shader while offering some practical examples for possible workflows. You can get the Fresnel shader here, along with some other OSL goodies too including Octane Fresnel formulas and example scenes. Check out Rau’s other tutorial that showed how to work with the new metal material in Octane 3.08