How to Composite Ground Cracks in After Effects

Lendon Bracewell shows how to create a ground-breaking effect using Action VFX Ground Cracks elements.

Action VFX sells some amazingly useful stock VFX footage ranging from explosions to debris effects to ground cracks and other destructive effects. Stock footage is only as good as the result so knowing how to composite a VFX shot is essential. Watch this short tutorial where Lendon Bracewell shows how to create and composite cracks of a warehouse floor giving way.

The shot uses Action VFX Ground Cracks Volume 2 that has 18 spreading concrete crack elements. A unique feature is that all the action is always in the frame, so you never have to worry about framing your shot differently to match the stock elements.

Right now Action VFX has a sale going on where you can get 50% off until May 15, 2019. That’s 50% off the entire library of elements at Action VFX.

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