How to Use Z-Channel Effects With Fusion

VFX Study shows how to create DOF, Fog, and other Z-Channel effects with Fusion and Resolve.

Z-depth and Z-Channel stuff is something that is a reoccurring technique in CG, especially with compositing. Z-channel effects can help with your motion graphics and other 3D work, including visual effects. Each compositor handles Z-channel operations slightly differently, and if you are used to a layer based compositor like After Effects, a node based one like Nuke or Fusion won’t be too much off.

Watch VFX Study (Bernd Klimm) show how to work with Z-depth enabled effects in Fusion and Resolve to create depth of field, fog, and other effects. “Using Z-Depth in 2D gives you great control over many very efficient 2D effects that would otherwise only be available in compute expensive 3D work,” Klimm says.

Klimm has a complete starter course for Fusion 9 that covers all the basics and some more advanced stuff too. Visit the site for Black Magic Fusion 9 – Your Journey from Novice to Expert for a free trial, or to purchase the course for around $20.