Quick and Dirty Tracking in SynthEyes

Resilient Picture Company gets you started with tracking in SynthEyes the quick and dirty way.

There are lots of easy to use tracking solutions out there, including Mocha Pro. Most of them will have a guided method for creating tracks, especially 3D tracks. SynthEyes falls under this category of “easy to use” software, and it also has an automatic tracking feature. Still, how many times have you hit the “auto” button and even not got the results that you expect? If you want to learn more about tracking in SynthEyes, then check out this beginners tutorial from the Resilient Picture Company.

The tutorial shows a quick and dirty method for getting essential tracks from SynthEyes. The tutorial shows how you can track a handheld shot and walks through most of the essentials so you can get started tracking right away. A little while ago, Matthew Merkovich posted a look into a lot of theory behind a supervised workflow with SynthEyes. Have a look at that here.