It is about a girl, and her memories who drift away, between past, present and imaginary.

Louise is a visual exploration of the way we feel when memories cannot be holding back, and the way sadness and nostalgia are feelings you could completely be drawn in.

director : Kevin Cordier-Royer as Cheerldr
producer : Benoit Revilliod
line producer : Arthur Maillard
co producer : Fix Studio
directeur of photography : Selim Zouaoui
1st assistant director : Julia Bueno
2nd assistant director : Axelle Revilliod-Hansen
editor : Cecil Cahen
model : Judith Leclerc
casting & styling : Marion Hassan
hair & make up : Audrey Loy
1st assistant camera : Anne-Angele Bertolli
set designer : Catalina Labra
sfx : Jean Pierre Grandet, Guillaume Larras
head of gaffer : Gregory Bar / Gaffer : Mickael Jean Bretonnes
grip : Paul Massonet
runner : Simon Le Guillou, Thomas Simunic-Dufey
post producers : Diego Cordier-Royer, Florent Tavano
flame artist : Benjamin Laborde
CG artist : Kevin Cordier-Royer, Julia Bueno, Florian Puchois, Pierre Ropars, Marie Bonsergent, Julien Chastaing
music : UJO Sound, Sami Guiribi
sound : Maynard Lumenbo

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