Creating Viscous Fluids With Houdini and Arnold

Arvid Schneider’s new tutorial covers creating and rendering viscous fluids with Houdini using Arnold Render.

Lighting TD Arvid Schneider demonstrates how to create, like and shade a scene with viscous fluids. Arvid usually works with Autodesk Maya, but in this one, he is working with Houdini and Arnold. The first part of the tutorial looks into creating the fluid simulation in Houdini.

Later videos in the series will dive into shading the viscous fluid using Arnold Render. Side FX Houdini is amazing for dynamics and fluid work. If you are looking for more info on that, just have a look at one of Jakub Spacek’s tutorial that shows how to mix colors using fluids. The system uses Houdini’s Flip and Pyro tools to create some amazing details.

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