New Version of BG Renderer for Ae Goes Max

The Popular BG Renderer for Ae gets some great new features.

If you have ever wanted to render while working on other projects with After Effects, then you probably already know about BG Renderer. The Ae Scripts tool lets you render compositions in the background, which makes for a much better workflow for those that work on multiple projects at once. Now, a new version of BG Renderer, titled BG Renderer Max, gets a whole new host of features and improvements.

BG Renderer Max lets you control and adjust multiprocessing workloads and has options like push notifications and file type conversions within. A new minimal render indicator lets you know at a glance how your renders are coming along. The rendering tool also gets a new and native notification system that can notify you as a Slack message or email, right from the extension. Integrations mean that you can connect Zapier, Microsoft Flow, IFTTT, and Pushover integration mean more notifications options and better workflow enhancement.

Check out the latest BG Renderer Max to learn more.