Build and Play Super Mario Levels in Maya

Now you can download and play Felipe Za’s Mario Maker Python and PySide Demo.

A little while back, there was a video floating around that showed a tool for Autodesk Maya that let you build and play Mario levels right in the viewport. Now called Mario Maker for Maya, you can download and use the script and try it out on your own. Mario Maker originally intended as a demonstration of how Python and PySide can work together to create an amazingly dynamic application in Maya.

The brainchild of Felipe Za, a Pipeline Technical Director at Industrial Light & Magic in Vancouver. “It is by no means a perfect videogame engine as you will notice by the imperfect collisions,” Za says. “and there are some libraries that can be used such as pygame if you want to develop a game properly. However, this example does not use any external library and relies completely on standard python and math for collisions.”

The static sprites are QLabels, while the animated ones are a collection of QWidgets and QLabels, switching to give the appearance of animation. If you have Maya 2017 or 2018, give Mario Maker a try!