An everyday kitchen in spring. Worn out, used and flooded with light. No high gloss design interior, no fancy lifestyle location. Done with Cinema 4D, rendered with Physical Render.

This scene is based on a project created for Intel® to benchmark the 28 core Intel Xeon® W-3175 CPU. In my talk at FMX 2019 in Stuttgart I contributed a detailed breakdown of the scene and its creation. See the talk here: youtube.com/watch?v=JS0crb3r-U8

The version shown above served as an extensive study of highly detailed procedural shading and photorealistic lighting. Modeling and shading of fruits and vegetables is 100% procedural, created with the native material system of Cinema 4D. Lighting is Local Illumination only. All models and textures were created from scratch.

She: “What are you filming?”
He: “Nothing. Light.”
Caution, meta level! 😀

3D & Comp: renderbaron, Düsseldorf
Date: 07/2019