Creating Python Pipeline Tools? Why Not Code With Style

code with style

Alexander Richter shows how you can design python pipeline tools and still code with style.

At the Effects America 19 conference recently, technical director Alexander Richter presented a talk showing how to be more collaborative when writing python pipeline tools – by coding with style. “While in the beginning, you’re mostly focused on writing scripts that can “do the job” it is also vital to learn to develop a specific style,” Richter says. What exactly is style in this context? Richter describes it as “Style advances readability shows skill and adds a layer of joy to what you are reading.”

It’s essential to create a script or tool that works and does the job. It is also necessary that the users or artists are using it in the most straightforward, most precise, and fullest way possible.

Effects America ran this past June as the most extensive international conference for the VFX & Animation industries on the North American East Coast. Every year 1500 professionals are gathering in Montréal to share their knowledge and discover the latest trends. Check out the video here.