Check Out This New Animation Producer Essentials Course

Kasper Larsson launches new animation management, production & producer course.

There is little doubt of the breadth of material out there for the mechanics, techniques, tips, and tricks of animation, VFX, and the software that goes along with it all. Fewer resources exist on the left side if that – Animation management, producing, and production. Now a new course from Kasper Larsson sets aim to help people feel more comfortable with the responsibilities of the producer.

Kasper Larsson works as a Producer at Sun Creature Copenhagen. His new Management, Production & Producer course can teach you the day to day tasks of the animation producer – critical skills for anyone in the animation industry from freelancers to people working within the pipeline of an organization. As Artists, a lot of us don’t feel comfortable with budgeting, talks of money, scheduling, and other micromanaged tasks. That is where Kasper’s Production course can help.

“When a beginner producer makes a production they forget that in many cases the company puts a big amount of money upfront. With a cashflow chart you avoid this because you know what you need from your clients to break at least even until last payment. This secures our production.”

The course covers breaking down shots and deriving assets from a script, quoting, scheduling, cash flow, legal documents, and other communication tools. The class requires no prior skills to budgeting, mathematics, or more in-depth education. Understanding the creative process you are in is essential to make a good production. Overall I will be taking you through a production we made in my previous company. The primary tool used is Google Sheets.

Availability and Discount Code

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