How to Create Landscapes in Blender With Textures

Wayward Art Company has a look at creating procedural landscapes in Blender using textures.

Ever wonder how to get those highly-detailed landscapes in 3D? Sure, it’s typically a displacement, but how do you get all those details in there? Answering these questions using Blender is a video tutorial from the Wayward Art Company. The video covers generating a landscape using procedural textures.

Want to learn more about displacements in Blender? Have a look at this tutorial from Gleb Alexandrov who talks about using MicroPolygon Displacement in Blender.

Also working with displacements, Alexandrov also shows how to create a nice-looking procedural stone in Blender.

You should also check out this tutorial from Sardi Pax who whos how to create a lakeside landscape scene.