Making Volume Fog & Water in Octane and C4D

Polat Yarisci shows how to create a moody scene with Volume Fog and Water using Octane.

While things like volume rendering, scattering, and fog are fun to play with, and also add a lot of mood to a scene, they can be challenging to manage. In this tutorial, Motion and Concept Designer Polat Yarisci has a look into some techniques for Managing the scene while creating a beautiful looking volume fog and water scene in Cinema 4D.

“In this tutorial, I will explain a lot of things regarding Volume Mediums in Octane,” Polat says. “We are going to make both lake water and foggy atmosphere using volume mediums.”

“Since the subject of volume mediums in Octane is a bit complicated (especially to understand Subsurface Scattering and Absorption phenomena), their results get explained in detail,” Polat says.