Use the Copy Tab in Maya to Prevent Losing Selections

Malcolm Andrieshyn shares more tips for Maya, including how to use Copy Tab.

We’ve all seen the copy tab button at the bottom of the attribute editor in Maya. Hitting that button doesn’t seem very useful at all until you understand its intent. Check out this new set tips and tricks from Malcolm Andrieshy (malcolm341), one of which covers Copy Tab. Maya’s attribute editor is contextual, meaning if fells in attributes based on what is selected.

While this makes editing attributes for current selections easy, it’s the opposite effect for continually coming back to attributes for a selection. That is where the copy tab button comes into play. Once you hit it, you have a new window with a non-changing set of attributes. Also covered in the new quick tips vid, is how to search and replace names with a suffix, and count objects in your scene using the HUD and a free script.

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