New Versions Pro-Mo for After Effects Helps Automate Versioning

VDODNA’s Versions Pro-Mo helps you knock out promo versions in Ae.

If you’ve ever dealt with creating promos, you know that versioning can be a real hassle. Changing days of the week, dates, and times, not to mention possible changes in a language all take time. Now Liran Tabib (VDODNA) has created a tool for this type of versioning in After Effects out of necessity.

Liran describes Versions Pro-Mo as “an addon that automates versions creation for any motion designer that works in a broadcast promo department.” The best way to describe Versions Pro-Mo is an Extra hard working person in your department, which is a specialist in creating and rendering versions for your projects. Versions Pro-Mo Automates the Versioning Process, Saving your department a great deal of Time and Budget.

Learn more about how Versions Pro-Mo works and pricing here.