How to Use Animation Nodes For Dynamic Fractures

Hari Sreedhar shows how you can use Blender’s Animation Nodes for amazing dynamic fractures.

Disintegration, shatter, and fractures often conjure up thoughts of technically complex particles and FX work in 3D. That doesn’t necessarily have to be the case, as we see here with this Blue Fox Creation tutorial. Hari Sreedhar shows how you can work with Blender’s Animation Nodes, typically thought of for motion graphics animation, to create interactive and dynamic fractures on models.

The tutorial covers using the Cell Fracture Addon for Blender and uses a statue model from 3DScans. The effect is driven by a widget in the Blender viewport, offering an easy way to trigger dynamic fractures on any object. The system also includes rigid body dynamics and an easy way to change the colors of all the pieces that are generated. Download the project file here. Great stuff!