Working With Houdini for Procedural Design

TimCGI’s new Procedural Design With Houdini course covers creating visuals with Houdini tricks and Redshift.

A new course from TimCGI shows how to work with both Houdini and Redshift Renderer to create some of the design elements that are so popular among designers and motion artists today. The Procedural Design With Houdini course covers working with Houdini tools like COPs, reshift concepts such as proxies, and more. 

The course shows how to make a great-looking fabric growth effect that is highly customizable. “At the end of the course, we will design a radial growth that can grow beyond any geometry. Finally, there is a bonus with a Nike breakdown.” You do need a basic understanding of Houdini and rendering with Redshift to take the course.

Learn more about Procedural Design in Houdini here.