The Peak

In the sequel to the short film THE GIFT, Sarah goes off on another adventure with new pal, Steven. This is a story based on common childhood memories, being scared of going to a bathroom in the middle of the night. Sarah has to go through the mysterious woods as she avoids obstacles such as dancing toys and flood waters.

Can she and Steven make it to the bathroom before she has an accident?

●Voice Sarah:Naomi Claire Steven:Yuta Odagaki   ●Sound Sound: Delfi Sound   ●Music Composer:Tomoko Sasaki   ●Staff Water Effects/Editor:Brent Forrest Head of Story:Hiroyuki Kinoshita Art leader:Kazuki Abe Asset Supervisor:Yoh Amano Layout Supervisor:Kyoko Yonemoto Animation Supervisor:Yosuke Sakai Technical Supervisor:Takamasa Matsunari Lighting Supervisor:Ashkan Zanjirian   Directer/CG Supervisor:Satoshi Takahashi Creative Producer/Story:Takeshi Ito Producer:Haruhiro Uchida Executive Producer:Hideki Okamura、Akira Sugano