How to Create Shimmering Embers Using Mr. Mercury in Ae

Mobox Graphics busts out an old Ae effect, Mr. Mercury, to create shimmering embers.

Adobe After Effects has been around for a long, long while. So long a while that some of us gloss over some of the effects that come with it. Take, for example, Mr. Mercury. While it doesn’t immediately appear to be a beneficial effect, it works well if you’re trying to make burning, floating embers.

Check out this latest tutorial from MObox Graphics, who shows how to create a looping animation created initially by Erica Anderson (@ericaofanderson). “Basically, we are using the CC Mr. Mercury effect to create the embers and a glow in both the verticle and horizontal directions,” Mike Ridolfi says about the tutorial. “The outcome is a gorgeous shimmering ember effect.”

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