How to Get Vellum and RBD to Interact With Each Other

Bubble Pins shows how to Vellum simulations to work with other types like RBD.

The Vellum Solver in Side FX Houdini is a fantastic tool. It can handle a lot of effects fast and reliably. Yet if you are trying to get the solver to work with other simulation solvers in Houdini, you might be out of luck. Bubble Pins, however, found a way to get Vellum and RBD to interact with each other and made a tutorial showing how.

“The Multisolver doesn’t work with the Vellum solver,” Bubble Pins writes. “so I came up with a multi-phase workflow that generates a decent result.” “I started tinkering with different ways to mix the Vellum solver with a simple RBD simulation setup.” Bubble Pins then came up with a way to create a more realistic Vellum cloth dynamics with the RBD simulation.

Check out the written tutorial here.