How to Create a Fast 8-Bit Look With 3 Effects

Noel Powell shows how to create a classic 8-bit look in Ae using three simple effects.

I never seem to tire from the classic 8-bit retro look of yesteryear. Tons of tutorials show how you can get that aesthetic in After Effects, and some get detailed. This new tutorial from Noel Powell shows a swift and straightforward method. You can make a retro 8-bit look with just three effects.

Powell walks through using the cartoon effect and of course, the mosaic effect that provides the blocky-look that is associated with that classic style. It’s worthwhile to note that the Creation Art Effects template for After Effects has an improved version of this 8-bit effect, plus 40 more. Art Effects lets you convert your video to animated artwork in just about any medium, like a pencil sketch, charcoal, oil paint, watercolors, claymation, paper cutouts, halftone, fabric, pastels, colored pencils, and many more.

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