Let’s Not Go Away

Every Christmas we do something a bit unique that represents and challenges our studio’s diverse styles and skills. This time we have turned to our new dedicated 2D animation studio who have created something very special.

The first 2D #BZshorts film is directed by People and Talent Coordinator, Katie Gascoyne. Our commitment to pioneering new talent and giving opportunities to ALL staff is at the heart of the shorts program. This year, there was a blind pitch where the whole company was invited to pitch an idea for the music video to Scouting for Girl’s Christmas single. Specifically, the brief asked for an “odd couple.” Katie won the blind pitch with a heart-warming pairing between Dan, a living gingerbread man, and his human girlfriend, Mandy.

Directed By
Katie Gascoyne

Storyboard By
Luke Allen
Jacques Gauthier

Art Direction
Jacques Gauthier

Andrew Scott
Jovan de Melo
Maeva Verdun
Adam Willis
Larisa Bumb
Francesco Guarini

Character Design
Tena Galovic
Katie Gascoyne

Prop Design
Eva Strautkalne

Sophie Gallo

Plamen Ananiev
Niki Kehoe
Elijah Mazur
Sonia Naqvi
Georgia Read-Smith

Background Design
Sam Bailey
Kasia Brzezińska
Charlotte West

Background Layout
Farhad Chams
Sebastian König
Charlotte West
Wei Wu

Background Paint
Alice Geoffriault
Lucy Munro
Niccolo Magni
Jovan De Melo Junior
Nicola Coppack
Katie Barry
Maeva Verdun

Animation Lead
Mateus Lima

Emilliano Alcocer
Stefanos Chrysanthou
Michael Logar
Lewis Nash
Marcelo Perin
Giulia Ranialo
Saeed Rezvani
Billy Shing
Joe Sutherland
Fernanda Valverde
Eduardo Vazquez
Elnaz Forouhari

Comp & FX
Stuart Geddis
Millie Spouse
Jodi Henry
Tania Maccaferri

Pipeline TD
Chris Carter

Alec Smith

‘Let’s Not Go Away’ a Song by Scouting For Girls
Music & Lyrics by Roy Stride, David Freedman, Jackson Freedman

Sound Design
John Sutherland

Exec producer
Oli Hyatt

Denise Green

Production Manager
Nikitha Mannam

Special Thanks
Tom Box
Adam Shaw
Laura Annis
Sony Music
All @ Blue Zoo

Made by Blue Zoo Animation Studios
© Blue Zoo Productions Ltd 2019