All About Creating Projections With Octane in C4D

Cornelius Dammrich covers techniques for creating projections with Octane with lots of tips involved.

Projecting textures is a workflow that can solve a lot of problems in 3D. It’s also a quick way to create entire scenes. No matter the reason, there are some fundamental techniques when working with Octane render in Cinema 4D.

Check out this tutorial from Cornelius Dammrich that shows how to work with Octane in Maxon Cinema 4D to create texture projections. The tutorial is not a new one, yet it is still quite helpful. ” Two years ago, I released a series of videos covering the development process of a 3D Still image called “6088AD” (see it here: This video is one of the tutorials I included in that package.”

“It was made with Octane 3.06 and might be a little outdated, but the technique still works. A little plus is that you don’t have to handle tons of mix materials any longer and can use the composite material instead.”