Use Bifrost to Make 10 Million Animated Characters in Maya

Morteza Ahmadi shows the power of Bifrost by making 10 million animated characters in Maya.

Bifrost represents a few things for artists and technical directors alike in Autodesk Maya. For artists, it’s a playground for creative work, while TD’s can utilize Bifrost to built tools. For Morteza Ahmadi, Bifrost was a jaw-dropper. “since day one, I was blown away by the stability of Bifrost,” Ahmadi says.

Playing around with Bifrost, Ahmadi shows how he makes millions of animated characters in about 3 seconds of noding in Bifrost Graph. Ahmadi says that he could go beyond 10 million without issues, but the restriction was only space. “the dance area was too small I didn’t want to put too much pressure on those poor dancers :P.” Regardless, it’s a pretty impressive test!