Easy Terrain 2 for Maya Available Now

Morteza Ahmadi’s Easy Terrain 2 Now Works With Real World Data, Adds Better Texturing and More.

Creating realistic landscapes in Maya is challenging. From modeling to texturing, the workflow asserts a lot of different disciplines. A while ago Morteza Ahmadi created a tool for Aya that made the process for creating terrains much easier. Now, an updated version of that tool adds a whole slew of new features that make it even better. Easy Terrain 2 lets you create landscapes in a matter of seconds, without having to leave Maya.

Real World Data

Easy Terrain 2 is bundled with some real-world data for quickly making landscapes. The Maya tool comes with a height map database. Ahmadi plans to continually update the database to cover as much of the earth as possible eventually.

Multiple Terrain Surfaces

Typically other tools require a flat plane, but Easy Terrain 2 lets you create landscapes with any shape. You can easily use primitives like a simple sphere, or a person like Te Fiti in Moana or maybe a dead giant’s body that has turned into mountains over the years or maybe an island on the back of a turtle.

New Geo Paint

Easy Terrain also lets you paint objects around the scene. With Geo Paint, you can create shapes like Corona Arch, stalagmite, stalactites or rock bridges.

Advanced Texturing

The Maya tool also adds some more advanced texturing features too. Here is a rundown on all that is new in Easy Terrain 2:

  • Easy Terrain 2 is a complete rewrite of Easy Terrain for Maya
  • Multiple terrain surfaces.
  • Blending Mode
  • Flow maps
  • Detail Maps
  • Real World Data
  • More advanced texturing
  • Geometry Paint

Get Easy Terrain 2 for Maya

Easy Terrain 2 is $45, learn more here.