An Easy Way to Turn Blender Objects Into Woven Baskets

CGMatter shows how you can use a little-used Blender addon to turn objects into woven baskets.

All kinds of new advancements and algorithms in computer science focus on creating the ultimate woven fabric in 3D, including simulations. While some of that stuff is complex, there are some much simpler methods to create a woven basket effect. Check out this tutorial from CGMatter that shows how to turn any object (within reason) to a woven basket.

The technique uses a little-used addon that comes with Blender, the Tissue Addon. The idea is to create a simple section of the woven pattern that you can place on each face of objects if the faces are all quads. The results are pretty good for woven effects that have a much larger weave than the finer ones of fabrics and sweaters.