LYNX Fabric Asset Makes Weave Pattern Generation Easy

A new fabric asset for Houdini makes it easy to create fabric and weave patterns.

A new LYNX asset from 3D Generalist and Pipeline TD Luca Scheller is one that comprises several Houdini assets all geared to make fabric and weave pattern generation easy. The LYNX Fabric Asset represents the second in a suite of tools under the LYNX brand. The fabric asset lets you freely combine assets to create intricate and detailed fabric patterns.

Check out the video to learn of the capabilities, and have a look at the features that include:

  • Unified interface across all nodes
  • Intelligent/Adaptive curve resampling
  • Curve detangling for realistic results
  • Mesh generation on rest frame for maximum performance
  • Transfer attributes from source geometry / among fabric nodes
  • Consistent seeds across all nodes
  • UDIM Support