Understanding LUTs and How to Make Your Own

Dimitris Katsafouros dives deep into LUTs, proving that it’s better to make your own rather than buying some.

A LUT is simply a lookup table; a term often used around computer science. When speaking of computer graphics, it’s become a way to apply a color preset that will make your work look more cinematic with a single click — Or will it? Dimitris Katsafouros dispells the myth of the packaged and premium LUTs you can find around the net these days.

“The past couple of years, the use of LUTs has exploded!” Katsafouros says. “Chances are though you’re using them wrong!” While a color lookup represents a seemingly effortless way to grade images and video, Katsafouros explains why it’s best to create your own. It’s so easy you may cry.