How to Build an IK/FK Rig in Python with Maya offsetParentMatrix

Jeff Brodsky shows how to build an IK/FK limb rig using Python and the new offsetParentMatrix connection in Maya 2020.

The new offsetParentMatrix node in Maya 2020 is changing how people build rigs. Matrix-driven transforms happen before standard translate, rotate, or scale in Maya, cutting down on joints, speeding up rig performance, and allowing for more adaptability. Check out this new tutorial from Vertex Theory’s Jeff Brodsky, who shows how yo build a complete IK/FK rig in Python that uses offsetParentMatrix.

Brodsky’s tutorial is almost a test pushing the limits of the new node. “Let’s see how far we can push the new feature in Maya!” 

Get all the code from the tutorial here.

Jeff Brodsky Jeff has 20 years of experience in the feature film industry, including Disney Feature Animation, Blue Sky Studios, Digital Domain, Pixomondo, and more.