How to Create a Cloner in Houdini Using Copy to Points SOP

Will MacNeil shows that working with the Copy to Points SOP in Houdini is akin to C4D’s Cloner.

Will MacNeil is a design director at the Mill in London. Lately, he is showing how to create low-level mograph setups with Houdini. Many who have abandoned C4D have made a move to or added the Side FX Houdini to their motion graphics workflow. MacNeil’s Low-Level Mograph series of tutorials aims at creating a lot of the conventional motion graphics like setups in Houdini.

The latest shows how to work with Houdini’s Copy to Points SOP, which is basically like the cinema 4d cloner. “We’ll see how the copies use attributes from the cloning object to set things like color and scale,” MacNeil says. Also covered is how to use Tangent rather than normal for orienting clones.