Check out this Bifrost MPM Solver Masterclass

Theodore Gast, Co-Founder of Jixie Effects, covers the Bifrost MPM solver. 

MPM or the Material Point Method Solver is one that can simulate a wide range from sand and snow, to cloth and fibers. The system works by switching between a particle and voxel-based representation of the material that it’s trying to simulate. Now you can learn more about Maya Bifrost MPM solver with this new masterclass hosted by Theodore Gast, Co-Founder of Jixie Effects.

The Key to Understanding Bifrost MPM.

Gast covers the underlying principle of how a material point method works. Because the system uses both a particle and voxel-based representation, it is essential to recognize how these two representations work together. That will lead to a deeper understanding of MPM.

The Master Class

Gast walks through a few examples using the new material point solver in Bifrost for Maya. The cases are simple, but can easily translate to a working knowledge for using the MPM solver in Maya Bifrost projects, like creating dirt, sand, snow, cloth, and fibers.

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