Watch Scott Jonsson and His Character Process in Ae

If you’ve ever wondered how to create a hand-animated look with character, watch Scott Jonsson’s work.

Now and then, I’ll see a motion designer’s work that looks like hand-drawn animation and wonder, how is that eve done? If you’ve wondered the same, especially about character work in After Effects that doesn’t look like it’s mechanical, have a look at this breakdown from Scott Jonsson.

Character Animation Process.

One clear thing, if a character looks like it’s hand-drawn and animated, the chances are that it probably is. Although there are shortcuts, there is just a lot of hard work and fine details. You can see this in Scott Jonsson’s character animation process. It’s drawing vector shape layers in After Effects and tweening the shapes by hand based on poses. If that sounds like it’s a lot of work, it is!

About Scott Jonsson.

Scott Jonsson calls himself an animator, illustrator, and overall motion maniac, and that description is fitting.

He is a freelance animator that’s just as comfortable tweaking curves in after effects as putting the finishing touches on hand-drawn animation. Jonsson worked as an Associate Creative Director at Liquid Advertising at one point and now does work for Buck, Oddfellows, Gentleman Scholars, and more. Visit his site to see more of his fantastic work.

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