Joe Zavaletta Demo’s Working With Animation Paper, an Animation App That’s Coming Soon.

new traditional 2D animation tool that’s slowly rising out of the ashes that was Plastic AnimationPaper is due soon as a pre-release. Animation Paper may become the world’s best tool for hand-drawn animation according to the goals of the development team.

Check Out Joe Zavaletta’s coverage with AP

Youtuber, animator, and Sonic the Hedgehog fan Joe Zavaletta (TrippleJaz) posts two vids that not only show off the state of AP but also how it works. AP is easy to use and looks like it can be a great addition to animations and motion artist’s workflow.

Animation Paper

The software grew out of Plastic Animation Paper, which was a free 2d animation tool built for artists and animators. The app focuses on simple 2D animation production workflows wrapped in an uncomplicated and easy to use interface.

The developer notes that progress continues on AP. “I am excited and looking forward to letting all who signed up download our pre-release very soon now!”