Animation Paper Shows Latest Development for New Release

Traditional Animation Tool, Animation Paper Shows Off Development Progress for Next Release.

The development cycle for Animation Paper has seen some setbacks. After a crowd-funding campaign to raise funds hopes were lifted to see a new release. Now it seems that there is some movement again in creating new features for the traditional 2D animation software. Niels Krogh Mortensen, the creator of the animation tool, shows off some of the latest developments.

“Development of Animation Paper is in fantastic progress! Every day I am jumping with excitement as our programmers finish more and more of our planned features and details. I couldn’t be happier!” Niels says.

The software grew out of Plastic Animation Paper which was a free 2d animation tool built for artists and animators. Animation Paper focuses on simple 2D animation production workflows wrapped in an uncomplicated and easy to use interface.

Niels updates us on the status of development:

“So, what’s the exact development status? All the most critical and challenging functionality are (almost) completed. We have picked up speed going from 1 to 2 full-time programmers (Frederik and Denis), besides director Bo and my self as the product owner. Thanks to these hugely skilled people I can proudly say that everything about Animation Paper – all the features, responsiveness and ease of use, that I envisioned (and bragged about) – we are nailing!”

“These days we are reaching our first alpha milestone. That means, we have an unfinished version ready for actual internal production usage. Still missing features, yet to be implemented.”