Check Out These Surface Flow and Edge Weathering Assets for C4D

Rhymage offers two free HDA’s for C4D, one that creates a surface flow, the other for edge weathering.

Cinema 4D allows you to create pretty much anything. Still, some people feel Houdini’s procedural workflow best suits them. With the Houdini Engine, you run Houdini assets right inside of Cinema 4D (and other hosts). That makes it easy to work with both Houdini and C4D in a pipeline. If you work with the Houdini Engine in C4D, then you should check out these two new HDA’s from Rhymage. surface flow, and edge weathering 

Free Surface Flow and Edge Weathering Assets.

Rhymage offers two HDA’s that you can easily use in C4D running the Houdini Engine. The Edge Weathering HDA creates a weathering effect with the edges cut out. With Voronoi Fracture, you can apply the same effect to each piece.

The Surface Flow Houdini digital asset (HDA) in cinema 4D allows particles to move on a specific object surface without overlapping them. The tutorial for the HDA also explains how to render using hair material and how to render using the Redshift Renderer. The Surface HDA is based on Junichiro Horikawa‘s tutorial that shows how to make a swarm on a surface in Houdini.

Check out both HDA’s here.