4 Steps to Grain-Free Renders with Arnold in C4D

Daniel Danielsson covers sampling basics and how to get rid of grain in Arnold renders strategically.

When it comes to rendering, it’s rare to hit the render button and call it a day. There is always more work to get renders times down and also get rid of the grain too. A new tutorial from Daniel Danielsson covers how to get grain-free renders in four easy steps.

Troubleshooting and Tracking Down Grain With Arnold.

Cranking the render settings is never a good idea. Instead, Arnold (and other renderers) will give you the tools you need to track down and eliminate grain on your renderings.

Danielsson starts by covering how sampling works and then moves on to how you can determine which render settings to increase. “When I first used Arnold Renderer, I didn’t really /get/ how sampling worked, which often made my Arnold renders very grainy,” Danielsson says.

Once you understand the logic behind sampling, fast and clean optimized renders in Arnold is just four steps away.

About Daniel Danielsson.

Creative Director at Savage & Civil, working with Motion Design for Marketing in Hertfordshire, England.