Create Realistic Painted Wood With Arnold in C4D

Kamel Khezri Shows Us How to Make a Very Realistic Painted Wood Shader With Arnold in Cinema 4D

Mograph Plus’ Kamel Khezri posts a look into creating various types of materials in Cinema 4D using Solid Angle’s Arnold. In fact, Mograph Plus has a course that is solely dedicated to showing how to create realistic shaders Arnold for C4D.

Khezri walks through his complex node network example for painted wood. He also steps through all the layers and alpha’s that are needed to put together are really realistic shader.

“To follow this tutorial, you need to have a solid foundation in Arnold for Cinema 4d, so please take a look at our The Ultimate Introduction to Arnold 5 for Cinema 4d course” Khezri suggests. The course spans more than 10 hours of content. You can learn more about that course here.