How to Visualize Molecular Protein Structures in Houdini

Dr. Jeroen Claus shows how you can visualize protein structures using Houdini.

A new tutorial from Dr. Jeroen Claus shows how you can use Side FX Houdini to visualize protein structures. Specifically the SARS-Cov-2 Spike proteins of the Coronavirus. The tutorial comes in collaboration with Entagma.

Visulaize Protein Structures.

“It’s about visualizing coronavirus protein structures in Houdini, going over where to find the original scientific data, getting it into Houdini and then how to visualize and animate it in a way that’s scientifically accurate.” Dr. Jeroen Claus says about the process. The tutorial is far from a beginner one, so strap in.

About Dr. Jeroen Claus.

Jeroen is a founder of Phospho Biomedical Animation. He is passionate about creating stunning animations to showcase excellent science. He did a Ph.D. at Cancer Research UK’s London Research Institute (now part of the Francis Crick Institute), and can’t shake a fascination with structure/function relationships in protein kinases.