Everything You Wanted to Know About the Spline Deformer in C4D

Aleksey Voznesenski covers working with Spline deformations in C4D showing off its usefulness.

Deformers are a 3D artist’s best friend. They are so versatile that you can use them for modeling, animation and even rigging. Cinema 4D users find that the Spline Deformer is chief among the others, a highly useful tool in a lot of workflows.

The Wonders of the Spline Deformer.

A new tutorial from Aleksey Voznesenski shows how great this particular deformer is in Cinema 4D. Aleksey says he uses the deformer a lot, on almost every project.

The tutorial covers things like deforming objects along a curve but also shows how you can deform cloners and other things too. Aleksey also covers the difference between cloning on a spline and deforming along a spline.

About Aleksey Voznesenski.

Aleksey says that he has an obsession with making things look pretty and work correctly. Born in Russia, raised in Australia, living around Eastern Europe, Aleksey is a ten year veteran in Cinema 4D. Check out Aleksey Voznesenski at Ace5 Studios.