How to Turn Any Fusion Emitter Into an Image Emitter

Noah Hähnel shows how you can turn any particle emitter in Fusion into an image one.

You can use a pImageEmitter Node to emit images from a particle group in Bleck Magic Design Fusion. But what if you already have an existing emitter in your scene that works how you want?

Turn Any Emitter Into an Image Emitter.

The answer is not to start again, but turn the emitter into an image-based one. The technique is a simple one and is a quick tip that is an excerpt from a more extensive tutorial that shows how to create an animated logo reveal. “While this tutorial series is quite long, all individual parts of this animation are straightforward and easy to understand.”

About Noah Hähnel.

Noah is a VFX Generalist, living in Berlin, who creates VFX, Motion Graphics and 3D Animation to Software and Hardware Tests and Tutorials.